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Are you letting current manufacturers choose how you develop your packaging products for you? 

Are you choosing products from

their catalog? 

We think you should have a say in what your packaging should look like.  We will work with you in designing your packaging to be exactly what you want.  We believe design should be equal to functionality therefore we come up with a winning design for both.



We currently have polypropylene catering trays with PET lids.  The lids are designed to help merchandise the product that you will be displaying.  We used clean lines and minimized ridges so your product can be seen by your customer. Our bases are made from polypropylene which can be recycled.   Our trays are designed so that your customer enjoys the ease of serving your product directly on the tray. Our faux black trays have an appearance of real slate and gives a unique merchandising opportunities to display your products.



We pride ourselves in innovative problem-solving. When a major chain was looking to replace all polystyrene packaging with polypropylene, as well as looking for a unique way to merchandise their expanding cheese department, we solved both problems with our custom designed faux slate trays. In addition we replaced their current polystyrene trays with polypropylene custom trays for their bakery department. With PET lids, they met all sustainable packaging and merchandising needs and much more. Within one year our clients launched the trays into their seafood, cheese deli meats and bakery departments. We haven’t looked back since.



With over 55 years combined team experience, the team at Pure Packaging believes in providing companies across the globe with success through sustainability. By providing your business with  packaging made for real consumer use, Pure Packaging is ensuring a recyclable, customizable and stylish solution to your packaging needs. Contact us to learn more about what we can offer to your unique business.


Pure Packaging

Baltimore, MD

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